Marretti Ltd. – One step above

Each scale Marretti correlates plans but also reality, ideas, dreams, is a dialogue between spaces using the language of technology and imagination. It is renewed every project.

The challenge today is to fly. To do that all matter is lawful, allowed each invention: the crystalbecomes rock ; ‘s steel becomes invisible, and the wood , a link to tell of landscapes elsewhere.Needless to any support.

And then there are the hands: it is their care that creates the beauty of the details, the overall harmony. From the pinpoint precision of the gestures, and the stairs Marretti models have registered and patented hardware , takes the form of balance and dizziness in silent aspiration.

Since 1970, every staircase designed and manufactured by Marretti – and always in every component inside the company – said the new rules, breaking boundaries, based tastes. Because each scale translates intuition, in the next design.


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